The Anarchist Cookbook IV, ver 4.14, The Index The Anarchist CookBook IV, ver 4.14

The Index:

Counterfeiting Money
Credit Card Fraud
Making Plastic Explosives
Picking Master Locks
The Arts of Lockpicking I
The Arts of Lockpicking II
Solidox Bombs
High Tech Revenge
CO2 Bombs
Thermite Bombs
Touch Explosives
Letter Bombs
Paint Bombs
Ways to send a car to HELL
And Even More Ways
Do ya hate school?
Phone related vandalism
Police radar jamming
Smoke Bombs
Mail Box Bombs
Hotwiring cars
Fertilizer Bomb
Tennis Ball Bomb
Diskette Bombs
Unlisted Phone Numbers
Make Potassium Nitrate
Exploding Lightbulbs
Under water igniters
Home-brew blast cannon
Chemical Equivalency List
Phone Taps
Another Molitov Cocktail
Phone Systems Tutorial I
Phone Systems Tutorial II
Phone Systems Tutorial III
Basic Alliance Teleconferencing
Aqua Box Plans
Hindenberg Bomb
Kill with your Bare Hands
Black Box Plans
The Blotto Box
Brown Box Plans
Calcium Carbide Bomb
Ripping off Change Machines
Clear Box Plans
CNA Number Listing
Electronic Terrorism
Conference w/o 2600hz/M-F
Auto Exhaust Flame Thower
Break into BBS Express
Fuse Bomb
Generic Bomb
Green Box Plans
Portable Grenade Launcher
Basic Hacking Tutorial I
Basic Hacking Tutorial II
Hacking DEC's
Harmless Bombs
Breaking into Houses
Remote Informer Issue #1
Jackpotting ATM Machines
Jug Bomb
Fun at K-Mart
Mace Substitute
How to Grow Marijuana
Match Head Bomb
Terrorizing McDonalds
"Mentor's" Last Words
The 2600hz Detector
Blue Box Plans
Napalm II
Nitroglycerin Recipe
Operation: Fuckup
Freecalls from Payphones
Pool Fun
Free Postage
Unstable Explosives
Weird Drugs
The Art of Carding
Recognizing Credit Cards
How to Get a New Identity
Remote Informer Issue #2
Remote Informer Issue #3
Remote Informer Issue #4
Remote Informer Issue #5
Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines
Ma-Bell Tutorial
Get Money out of Pay Phones
Computer-based PBX
PC-Pursuit Port Statistics
Pearl Box Plans
The Phreak File
Red Box Plans
Scarlet Box Plans
Silver Box Plans
Bell Trashing
Canadian WATS Phonebook
Hacking TRW
Hacking VAX & UNIX
Verification Circuits
White Box Plans
Dealing with the Operator
Cellular Phone Phreaking
Cheesebox Plans
Start Your Own Conferences
Gold Box Plans
The History of ESS
The Lunch Box
Olive Box Plans
The Tron Box
"Phreaker's Phunhouse"
PM 3,27 (Intro to MIDNET)
PM 3,27 (The Making of a Hacker)
PM 3,28 (Network Miscellany)
PM 3,28 (Pearl Box Schematic)
PM 3,28 (Snarfing Remote Files)
PM 3,30 (Western Union, Telex, TWX & Time Service)
PM 3,30 (Hacking & Tymnet)
PM 3,30 (The DECWRL Mail Gateway)
Sodium Chlorate
Mercury Fulminate
Improvised Black Powder
Nitric Acid
Dust Bomb Instructions
Carbon-Tet Explosive
Picric Acid from Aspirin
RDX from C-4 Explosives
Egg-based Gelled Flame Fuels
Clothespin Switch
Flexible Plate Switch
Low Signature Systems
Cigarette Delay Igniter
Dried Seed Timer
Nail Grenade
Bell Glossary
Beat Phone Dial Locks
Exchange Scanning
A Short History of Phreaking
"Secrets of the Little Blue Box"
The History of British Phreaking
"Bad as Shit"
Fucking with the Operator
PM 1,1 (The Phone Preak's Fry-Um Guide)
International Country Codes
Infinity Transmitter Schematics
Yummy Marihuana Recipes
Chemical Fire Bottle
Igniter from Book Matches
Red or White Powder
Pipe Hand Grenade
European Credit Card Fraud
Potassium Bomb
Your Legal Rights
Juvenile Offenders' Rights
Down The Road Missle
Fun With ShotGunn Shells
Surveillance Equipment
Drip Timer
Shaving cream bomb
Ripping off change machines 2
Lockpicking the EASY way
Anarchy 'N' Explosives Prelude
Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 2
Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 3
Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 4
Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 5
Explosives and Propellants
Lockpicking 3
Chemical Equivalent List 2
Nitroglycerin 2
Cellulose Nitrate
Starter Explosives
Flash Powder
Exploding Pens
Revised Pipe Bombs 4.14
Ammonium TriIodide
Sulfuric Acid/Ammonium Nitrate III
Black Powder 3
Picric Acid 2
Bottled Explosives
Dry Ice
Fuses / Ignitors / Delays
Film Canister Bombs
Book Bombs
Phone Bombs
Special Ammunition
Pipe Cannon 2
Smoke Bombs
Suppliers II
Lab-Raid Checklist
Misc. Anarchy
LockPicking 4
Misc. Anarchy II
-* THERMITE 4 *-